What Is Chemical Etching for Asset Protection

The chemical inscription of the product safety mark represents an effective and very cost-effective deterrent against theft. It can be applied to most commercial equipment and computers, such as computers, laptops, monitors, projectors, surveillance cameras, telephones, fax machines, copiers, etc.
The police are aware that chemical registration allows the reunification of things with their rightful owner in case of theft or theft.
Typical methods of chemical removal of your office and factory equipment for safety reasons: this is transferred from a DIY project to a highly experienced excavator. You can easily buy ferric chloride liquid or drill crystals. You will need templates, brushes, application tools, etc.
The nature of the chemical drill itself is that the acid burns in the property. Drilling fluid based on ferrous chloride is a very harmful and anticorrosive material and should be used only for drilling. Wear eye/face protection and gloves when using the chemical. Clothing for chemical stains. Wear protective clothing during use.
Another economical solution is to buy a chemical safety drilling kit. Although they come with almost everything you need to distinguish properties, you must confirm the amounts that each group will burn in exchange for the amount of property that will be taught. For health and safety, be sure to wear safety glasses.
There are also chemical drilling solution providers that also offer stamping service. The range of chemical prospecting services ranges from engraving on essential properties to the creation of inventory records and asset records.
With the latest technology, it is possible to identify and secure your property by selecting templates, including brand customization. Check if these permanent computer security templates match the security recommendations of the Ministry of the Interior. If they do not, no law prohibits their use, and they still constitute an excellent visual deterrent for thieves and thieves. Insurance discounts may apply if your security mark meets certain criteria.
Asset protection increases the difficulty of reselling stolen equipment and makes it easier for the police or a member of the public to establish the legitimate owner of the asset, allowing the return of lost and stolen property.
Chemical engraving protects valuable assets such as
The company’s computers, computers and other resources are permanently marked with a unique, tamper-proof code or even an all-day international telephone number (SRI). If this is done by the Service of marking and registration, in this case, the details of each property will be recorded in a secure and confidential database of the ISB. The ISR line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and there is no answering machine or recorded messages.
Asset management is another important aspect of real estate marketing. In addition to being an important deterrent against theft, it is also a simple but effective asset management tool. With good management, you can control the transfer and disposition of assets. External services or asset management software can provide customized reports that detail information, such as the location and value of all registered properties.
Through the use of professional asset management services, ISRs are updated, and the risk of theft is further reduced: reputable companies that strictly control their assets are less likely to be stolen.
Stealing computers is as easy as you can with desktop computers and laptops, as well as high-cost devices from the office to the home office. This type of mobility has increased the risk of items stolen in vehicles, hotels, airports, cafes and bars.
A large part of the losses related to IT is due to negligence and, where appropriate, to insurance companies. The first evidence of negligence is that no effort is made to secure or distinguish the property.