St. Moritz Beer

You are planning a party and since you have invited some Spanish friends you would like to serve St. Moritz beer – where can you find some in the UK at a reasonable price? St. Moritz beer is one of the best Spanish beers in the world. Unfortunately, as with many foreign beers it isn’t very easy to get in the UK – you will certainly not find it in your local wine shop. When you do find it the cost can be prohibitive especially if you plan to buy in large quantities.
There are some shops that specialize in foreign beers in the UK and if you know how to locate them you can get enough St. Moritz beer to keep your guests happy. Many people, when they find a vendor of foreign beer, are so happy that they buy right away without stopping to think whether they are getting value for their money. You shouldn’t just buy St. Moritz beer from the first foreign beer shop that you come across.
Before you buy you should find out how old their stock is – believe it or not, because not so many people drink foreign beer there are some shops that have really old stock. You may find that their beer cans have been on the shelves or in the store for months or even years. If you want to really enjoy foreign beer you should find a shop that stocks only the freshest. You should also look into pricing – foreign beer tends to be overpriced but if you look carefully you will find shops that sell at very reasonable rates and even offer discounts for bulk purchases.
Try Beers of Europe – located in Norfolk it is the largest beer shop in the UK and they stock St. Moritz beer as well as hundreds of other types of foreign beers. You can find out more on