Bedford Tree Care & Tree Services

Tree Specific provides tree surgeons in Bedford that operates across Bedfordshire and the local area. Started by Simon Owen, who has worked as a tree surgeon for 20 years, Tree Specific offers a range of tree services to improve the look and health of trees. As well as maintaining trees, Tree Specific can remove dead wood, fell trees, prune fruit trees, trim hedges, dismantle sections of a tree or lift or thin the crown, and apply to local authorities for tree preservation orders. Tree Specific is equipped to deal with any problem a tree may have, from planting to uprooting.

Simon Owen, Tree Specific’s founder, discovered a passion for aboriculture, literally, the cultivation of trees and shrubs, and built a business around this. As Owen’s work is often dangerous, involving chainsaws and climbing ropes, he is fully insured for public liability. He and his staff are members of the Royal Forestry Society, who commit to wisely managing forests and trees. The RFS was founded in 1882 and prioritise the care of existing woodland over the planting of new. They provide a range of resources on aboriculture for the public and for their members.

Tree Specific’s website features several positive testimonials from satisfied customers. It is clear from this that Simon Owen and his team do a professional job, cleaning up after themselves and taking into account the impact the work may have on people in the house or pets. Owen aims to run a friendly company and this attitude shines through in the testimonials. It is clear that no job is given less attention than another. Whether trimming an overgrown Leylandii hedge or ensuring koi swimming in the garden pond are not disturbed by overhanging branches, Tree Specific has pleased customers across Bedfordshire.

The Tree Specific team can advise homeowners on how to plant and grow new trees, or on how to take care of existing ones. It is essential for the healthy ecology of a garden that trees be kept in good condition, and tree surgeons such as Tree Specific can provide a full range of services to ensure this happens. While emphasis is often placed on large trees, commonly associated with forest settings, Tree Specific will take care of a variety of shrubs and smaller trees, including fruit trees. Careful pruning of the fruit tree helps to increase produce yield, while pruning branches from larger trees stops the spread of any infections the tree may have and permits light to filter through the tree branches. Hedge trimming is necessary to stop wars between neighbours and the use of Tree Specific’s aboricultural services can ensure a healthy, happy homelife for customers and their trees.